Menace is the upcoming series of games featured in CadBaneKiller's Ambush Games. The first game is the "The Rising Menace". No prequels are in the works. Trailer 1.0 came out on December 31st labeled as "Isis". Trailer 2.0 is the second trailer of the series.



The plot of The Rising Menace surrounds Maul's campaign to end the Jedi and the Separatists.

See The Rising Menace for more info


The Rising Menace

Emergence of Bane

Convergence and Carnage


Darth Maul

Savage Oppress

General Grievous

Bounty Hunters

So on.


  • Menace is often referred to the host, or in which case Darth Maul. It is unknown who the next host will be.
  • First of the series was The Rising Menace
  • The sequel is Emergence of Bane
  • The following game is Convergence and Carnage
  • CadBaneKiller is the creator of the games.
  • It falls under CBK-Canon

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