A Common Enemy
, also known as The Legacy of Arda: Part IV, was Spider's Fourth Hosted Game and the fourth part of The Legacy of Arda Saga.A very important element in the saga was introduced in this game.


Prologue - The Deadly Seven:

Day 1 - Joined Forces:

Day 1 Conclusion:

Day 2 - The Hand of Power:

Day 2 Voting:

Day 2 Conclusion:

Day 3 - Nothing Happens:

Day 3 Voting:

Day 3 Conclusion:

Day 4 - Great Loss:

Day 4 Voting:

Day 4 Conclusion:

Conclusion - True Colors:


After finding the Crystal of Destruction, Darth Sidious sounds a distress call to enemies of Sauron. Meanwhile, Revan and Eomer work tirelessly to uncover the true story of Erik Lehnsherr to find Sauron's vulnerability. Loki, Otison, and Shaw relentlessly pursue the rebels, and place traitors among Sidious.

IMG 2674

Asajj Ventress, Scruffy, and Dooku


1. Do not reveal your role unless you're the inspector and DO NOT copy and paste!!!

2. Pay attention to the story! In this game, the gameplay will change based on the story. Pay attention or don't play!

3. If you ain't playin or are dead, you ain't got no business ralking about game play.

4. No whining about getting voted or murdered. It's just a freaking game!

Thank You.




Unplayable CharactersEdit

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