Admiral Zybott

Admiral Zybott is an Admiral in the Rebel Alliance led by The Fire Skeleton in Ivar-Jedi's finale "Rise of The Jedi Knight" He is an unplayable character for the players and will serve as a sort of host replacement when needed in the overall story. 

He survived the event of Rise of The Jedi Knight and went on to become the new leader of the Rebellion, replacing Fire Skeleton respectively.  


Zybott was just a young officier on board a cruiser when The Clone Wars ended and the Jedi were exterminated. 

After dropping off Anakin Skywalker on the planet of Batinee to finish off Ravi-idej and his company of Loyal Soldiers Zybott was visited by The Fire Skeleton on board the Cruiser. 

After a confrontation with the Skeleton Zybott was eventually defeated and shown harshly why the Jedi were being hunted down and killed. Zybott then gathered as many men as he could, and as many that were willing to stand up against the Emperor and escaped the cruiser with them. When Anakin and the other evil minions had left, Zybott, Skelly and the now called First-Rebels went to investigate the field of the recent battle. Looking for survivors. 

They found no survivors. They buried Lume-Den for his bravery and found Ravi's hand and lightsaber. But not his body in the lake. 

After calling a cruiser Zybott was officially becoming good friends with the Skeleton and together they found the remaining Loyals in an escape pod drifting in orbit. 

Over the past several years Zybott has always stayed true to the Rebellion and won many victories against the Empire. He gained the rank of Admiral only a year ago. 

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