Ahsoka was a Togrutan jedi padawan. During the clone wars,

Ahsoka Tano

she became the padawan of jedi knight Anakin Skywalker. She has only appeared once in the Ambush Games and that was in the Jedi Temple Game. She was potrayed by jedipanda and was arrested on Day 4.

Jedi Temple GameEdit

Ahsoka awoke to a large explosion one day in the jedi temple. She soon found out by Yoda that there were sith in the temple who wanted all of the jedi dead. Yoda then told the remaining 7 jedi to vote one of each other off each day until all of the sith were gone. The jedi made a failed attempt on the first day when Mace Windu, a jedi, was voted off. Things then got even worse when Kit Fisto, another jedi, was murdered in the night by a sith. But the jedi finally were on the right track as they arrested Plo Koon, the sith murderer. But Ahsoka became the target for the next day. Another innocent jedi was then gone by the end of Day 4..

After her ArrestEdit

After Ahsoka's arrest, the remaining three jedi decided to vote off Anakin, who was the last sith. The jedi had prevailed, but at heavy casualties.


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