Avery Thorston

Avery Thorston (Portrayed by SithKillagal99)

Avery Thorston is a playable character in the 10th Ambush Game "Rise of The Infiltrators" hosted by Ivar-Jedi. She has been Ravi-idej's Padawan for a year now. She was portrayed by Sithkillagal99.


Avery Thorston is a Jedi Youngling who had trouble finding a Jedi Master. When Yoda noticed Ravi's powers were growing immensely due to his big knowlegde of the Jedi way, he decided to earn him his first Padawan: Avery Thorston. The two got along instantly and became the perfect droid cutting duo.

Rise of The RedemptionEdit

Avery also appeared in Ivar-Jedi Series "Rise of The Redemption" where he relationship with Ravi-Idej is made more deep and real. In one episode Ravi had her learn about Space travel in the quietness of the landing gear rooms. She didn't like this one bit but after a great mission where she and her master almost got killed she discovered that her patience and calmness was sorely lacking and returned to the landing gear room to learn about inner peace and patience, thus pleasing her Master greatly and strengthing their bond. 

Rise of The InfiltratorsEdit

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