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A picture of the Bezem

The bezem was the ship of Pindus Zwervus until his defeat at the Jedi temple in 20 BBY. He bought it from Servus Kone 's father.

Haters of the jediEdit

Most of the haters of the jedi game played aboard the ship. IG-88 got murdered by Sev in the first nigh when walking at the ship. Many others characters of the game died inside the ship. After the failed attack on the Jedi temple Servus Kone got the ship from the Jedi. Later Pindus voilently took back his ship from Kone with the help of the Secret Weapon.

Haters of the Jedi IIIEdit

The Bezem is set to return in Haters of the Jedi III.


  • Bezem is the Dutch word for Broom.