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A brick

Bricks are rewards that can be won by winning fights in PindaZwerver's combat system.


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Cad Bane using bricks as a wall in combat

Bricks can be used to build stuff that can aid you in combat. For example a wall. If you lose a fight all bricks you used in it will we lost and your enemy will receive some of them. You can suggest something to build or use existing buildings.


Here is a list of known buildings and their brick cost and stats

Ranged buildingsEdit

These buildings can only be used with primary ranged weapons. If your secondary weapon is a melee weapon it's effect won't work.

  • Small wall - 1 Brick
+ 3 Defense
  • Standard wall - 2 Brick
+ 5 Defense
  • Fortified small wall - 3 Bricks
+7 Defense
  • Fortified wall standard wall - 4 bricks
+10 Defense
  • Sniper wall - 6 bricks
+15 Dfense
- 5 Attack
  • Sniper platform - 6 bricks
+13 Defense
  • Walled sniper platform - 8 Bricks
+15 Defense
  • Fortified sniper platform - 12 Bricks
+20 Defense
-10 Attack
  • Ultimate sniper platform - 30 bricks
+25 Defense

Melee buildingsEdit

These buildings can only be used if using a melee primary weapon.

Coming soon.

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