Christophsis Trooper

TC-781 During the Clone Wars.

CT-781, nicknamed Peter, was a clone trooper during the Clone Wars Period. He served the Republic with pride and lost many brothers along the way. He was raised on Kamino just like all clones. He appeared in the Fifth Ambush Game: Rise of the Saboteurs. Unfortunatly this didn't end well for him.

Kamino Edit

Like all Clone Troopers in the Republic Army TC-781 was born and raised on the planet of Kamino. The Kaminoans treated him like any other Clone. He was part of Mega-Squad during his training on the rainy planet. He finished the Citadel Test in one run together with his squad. After this he left Kamino with all the other Troopers that had completed their training.

Rise of The SaboteursEdit

After picking up a help signal from a Ravi-idej and an Elite Force that went missing 6 days ago while on tehir way to Coruscant Obi-wan Kenobi assembled a Cruiser with some of his men for a rescue mission. Together with TC-465, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Commander Cody he landed on the surface of the planet Morzux where the Elite Force has crashed after being sabotaged. Unfortunately for TC-781 this was were his last moments alive. When the Jedi agreed on helping Ravi-idej capture Kyr'am Verd - The Mysterious Thing TC-781 had to help too. After seeing his brother TC-465 gettng shot in the head he got killed when he engaged in Kyr'am Verd. His head got hit by Verd's smasher and got chopped clean off, leaving a long trial of blood on the ground.

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