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Captain Hersenloos

Captain Hersenloos was the clone captain under the command of Yoda, and a good friend of Jedi master Harrrigg.

Captain Hersenloos was an unplayable character in Haters of the Jedi 2: Order 66


Defense of the Jedi TempleEdit

Captain Hersenloos and some of his fellow troopers were summoned by Yoda, and told they had an important job to do. Boba Fett had informed Yoda about an attack on the jedi temple by Pindus Zwervus . Yoda and his troopers set a trap for Pindus and he walked right into it. Pindus managed to seriously injure Captain Hersenloos and kill many of the other clones but in the end Pindus and is ally Dr. Nuvo Vindi got defeated by Boba Fett and Hersenloos was brought to a hospital and recovered soon.

Mission on MustafarEdit

Jedi master Harrrigg and Captain Hersenloos were ordered by Yoda to protect Boba Fett's base on Mustafar against Pindus Zwervus and his new haters group. Later Master Yoda and Commander Verader.

Battle of MustafarEdit

When Pindus Zwervus, the hater group and a small droid army attacked Boba Fett's base, Captain Hersenloos, Yoda, Commander Verader and his troopers fought Asajj Ventress, Tauntaun, PZ-15 and the droid army. After a long battle Ventress and several droid were about to kill Yoda and PZ-15 had almost defeated Hersenloos and Verader. But then Tauntaun turned out to be one of the spies that were sent to infiltrate Pindus group and he killed Ventress and the remaining droid. Only PZ-15 could escape. Yoda commanded Hersenloos and Verader to follow him. But when PZ was out of their sight for a short time, because he walked into a dead end way. He was no where to be found when the clones got there. So they returned to Yoda who told them they were all going to help Harrrigg and Boba who were dueling Kaas and Pindus Zwervus. Kaas unleashed a modificated version of the blue shadow virus, stolen from the Secret Weapon , on Hersenloos as distraction. Hersenloos wasn't able to continue fighting and he and Verader left the fight.

Secrets of the ForceEdit

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Captain Hersenloos is going to appear in Secrets of the Force and it what happened to him will be revealed.


Originally Captain Hersenloos was going to make an appearance in Haters of the Jedi III. But eventually he was left out because his story didn't fit in with the main story in the game.