Captain Murdock Pegleg

Captain Murdock Greystone.

Captain Murdock Greystone is the main antagonist in Ivar-Jedi's fourth game "The Ambush Pirates: The Secrets of The Map" and serves as the rival of Captain Vari White-Eye, the Host Character. 

During production and writing he was callled Captain Murdock Pegleg. But Ivar accidentely took a picture of him without a Pegleg and decided to change his name for he had wanted to do that for quite some time as he was not pleased with Pegleg. 


Captain Murdock Greystone was once with his crew on a wild treasure hunt. Once they were close to the "X" on the map they were caught in a viscious storm that almost cost them their entire ship. During the storm Greystone caught glimpses of a second ship in the eye of the storm and noticed it was a Pirate ship as well. 

Once they made it out of the storm they reached Skullcove Island and went into the cave to retrieve their treasure. But some one had already gotten there. It were Captain White-Eye and his Ambush Pirates! 

A fight ensued between both crews for possession over the gold and the holy necklace. Greystone and White-Eye got into an extended swordfight and in the end White-Eye lost the necklace in a neverending pool of deep waters. Greystone became enraged as he was looking for this necklace all his life now and it would have made him rich! 

They chased the young Ambush Pirates out who were too inexperienced for Greystone and his crew but not before Greystone vowed eternal rivalry between him and Captain White-Eye. Wich he gladly accepted. 

The Ambush Pirates: Serects of The MapEdit

Somehow Greystone has managed to turn some of Vari's crew into Mutineers. Now the Mutineers have to be voted of by the Loyal Crewmembers in order for Vari to thrive. But if the Mutineers win Greystone will collect his price. 

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