Captain Vari White-Eye

Captain Vari White-Eye as seen in The Ambush Pirates: The Secrets of The Map

Captain Vari White-Eye is the main character and the host in Ivar-Jedi's fourth Ambush Game; "The Ambush Pirates: The Secrets of The Map

He is the Captain of the ship called "The Red Legacy" and leads his small band of misfit Ambush Pirates over seas and oceans in constant look for treasure. 

His rival is Captain Murdock Greystone


Vari White-Eye, then known as Vari White, was born in a luxurious estate with his extremely rich parents. He grew up in a lifetime of wealth, but also boredom. He loved his parents greatly though. 

One day, 17 years after his birth his house got raided by Pirates. They killed everyone and stole everything. His mother died but his father survived. Mad with rage his father ordered a search for the Pirates. They were found and all destroyed, sunken to the bodem of the ocean. 

2 years later Vari's father became sick and told Vari to go and have a different life then that of a rich man. He told Vari the truth that he had always been a Pirate himself. That's why the sudden lust for blood. Vari's father died an hour later with Vari at his bedside. 

Vari listened to his father and tried out many occupations while the people of wealth were looking for him, and indeed found him every time. Then Vari found the only way to be free. To go on the seas and conquer them as his own. 

He went out alone in a small boat and reached a Pirate Island where he joined a crew. He served here for 2 years before leaving the crew and buying his own ship with his old wealth. 

He quickly gained a crew and together they dubbed the ship; "The Red Legacy" for it was paid with Vari's old money and will bring blood to the ocean floor if necessary. 

From that day on Vari sailed with his crew for over 5 years before reaching the events of "The Ambush Pirates: The Secrets of The Map" 

The Ambush Pirates: The Secrets of The MapEdit

Vari will be the main and Host character of this game set for the Phase IV Finale. Hosted by Ivar. 

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