Cletus Kasady (AKA Carnage)

Carnage will be a playable character in "Back on the Grid".


As a child, Cletus Kasady was a homicidal psychopath. He murdered his grandmother by pushing her down a tall flight of stairs, tortured his dog to death, burned down his orphanage, and murdered a girl who rejected his crush on her. Needless to say, he grew worse as he grew older. While sharing a prison cell with Eddie Brock, the symbiotic alien that made Brock into the super-powered Venom came and busted its former host out of prison. Some of the alien's spawn remained behind, and bonded with Kassidy, seeping into his bloodstream and creating a menace more powerful than Venom. Carnage. Loving to kill people and to steal their life force, Carnage became a bounty hunter to satisfy his "killer instinct".

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