The Choice Wars Games are a group of spin-off games from the ambush games created by maverick. But instead of voting people off players must rely on good and bad choices. The forst game will be Dimension Chase. Ivar-Jedi may host one of these games. 

List Of Choice Wars GamesEdit

  • Dimension Chase. Hosted by maverick
  • Dimension Chase II The Darkest Soul (only if the first one os popular)
  • Dimension Chase III?? More games will follow if popular and everyone is welcome to host one.


  • Maverick hopes the Choice Wars games will become popular enough to be a part of the Ambush game calender.
  • If the first one is a success, then it may spawn the first spin-off franchise.
  • Maverick hopes to include characters from Tron, Epic Mickey and The Old Republic.
  • When Characters are eliminated from play they end up going back to their respective universe instead of dying.

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