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Clone DNA

Clone DNA is a reward from fights in PindaZwerver's combat system


Clone DNA can be used to create your personal clone slave. They'll be rewarded from fights and the clone you get from it can be announced before the fight or is randomly chosen. It'll take some time for the clone to "hatch" from the DNA.


Below are the different kind of clone that can grow form the DNA and the items they can use.

  • Phase 1 clone trooper - Blaster, Helmet
  • Phase 2 clone trooper - Blaster, Secondary blaster, Helmet
  • Clone engineer - Rocket launcher, Communicator, Helmet, Filter
  • Snow trooper - Blaster, Filter, Helmet, Cape
  • Clone sniper - Sniper Rifle, Helmet, Filter,
  • Jet trooper - Jetpack, Blaster, Secondary blaster, Helmet
  • Clone captain - Blaster, Secondary blaster, Helmet, Communicator
  • Clone commander - Blaster, Helmet, Communicator, Jetpack
  • Clone commando - Blaster, Helmet, Communicator, Knife, Rocket launcher, Filter
  • Clone deathwatch - Blaster, Jetpack, Whip, Rocket launcher, Filter, Helmet, Secondary blaster