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Commander Cody in his phase 2 armor.

Commander Cody was a clone soldier that fought for the Republic
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Cody during the Clone Wars

against the Separatists during the Clone Wars. Cody was in charge of the 212th attack batalion, which was also leed by Jedi General Obi-Wan Kenobi. So far, Cody has appeared in Rise of The Saboteurs and Guardians of the Republic. He also appeared in The Rising Menace.

Cody is likely to appear in Ivar-Jedi's (still unnamed) "Rise Series" as a minor character. 

Rise of The SaboteursEdit

After picking up a S.O.S signal from the planet of Morzux Cody and Jedi Master Obi-wan Kenobi immediately departed with the cruiser "The Greenfinch" accompanied by Jedi Master Yoda. After landing on the planet they found the missing Elite Soldiers.

Commander Cody (Rise I)

Cody In Rise of The Saboteurs

Before heading back to cruiser Cody, Obi and the two other clones that came with them decided to join Ravi in his fight with Kyr'am Verd. After a fierce confrontation, claiming the lives of the two clone troopers and Clone Captain Phoenix Verd was killed before Cody's eyes, cut in half by Obi-wan. He was a bit shocked, yet relieved.

When returning to the cruiser in orbit Cody left for his qaurters to file the dead clones. Then suddenly the whole cruiser shoke violently and was evacuated. Revealing the final Saboteur was still amongst the survivors. He got out alive and helped Obi-wan save the Fire Skeleton off-screen.

Guardians of the RepublicEdit

Cody was a loyal trooper in Guardians of the Republic. He led the others to kill the traitors Lock and Rex. On Day 3, Sparker was revealed to be a Death Watch soldier. He attempted to escape with the battle plans of the republic. Cody ordered him to stop. After a brief fight, Sparker shot Cody in the chest several times, killing him.

After DeathEdit

Although Cody was dead, the loyal troopers still didn't give up. They soon hunted down and eliminated all of the remaining traitors and the 3 surviving clones escaped Zarbon.

The Rising MenaceEdit


Cody and Obi Wan

Phase II Cody leads attacks on Isis. (More will be Concluded)
End Days

Cody about to execute order 66.