Corporal Cody

Corporal Cody was a 4 episode miniseries made by Master Kenobi-Wan. It was about how Commander Cody became the Clone Commander people came to know and respect. The miniseries also had a couple episodes taking place in the present.


The show followed CT-2224 "Cody" and how he was eventually promoted to the rank of Commander.


Episode 1 - Pilot

Clone Trooper Cody gets transferred to the 7th Sky Corps

Episode 2 - Business as Usual

In the present, Commander Cody and General Obi-Wan Kenobi capture a Separatist outpost and Saro Montrey, a Separatist general

Episode 3 - Obi-Wan

Cody, now a corporal, gets to fight along side Obi-Wan Kenobi himself on the Separatist Invaded planet of Kashyyyk.

Episode 4 - Promotion

Cody is promoted to the rank of Commander because of his heroic actions on Kashyyyk by the Kaminoans and will begin special training.


Cody - An intelligent and loyal clone trooper

Obi-Wan Kenobi - A respected Jedi General

R4-P17 - Obi-Wan's astromech droid

Zip - Best friend to Zap and also Cody

Zap - Best friend to Zip and also Cody

Noa - One of Cody's friends in his old regiment

Commander Larqx - The old Commander of the 212th Battalion

Biter - The 212th's chief medical officer

Saro Montrey - A separatist General

Battle Droids - The soldiers in the Speratist armies

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