Crystal Diamond

Crystal Diamond (Portrayed by JediKim2424)

Crystal Diamond was a playable character in the fifth Ambush Game "Rise of the Saboteurs" hosted by Ivar-Jedi. She was portrayed by Jedikim2424.

Role: Saboteur Murderer (Murderer (Role))

Rise of The Saboteurs Edit

During the game Crystal was the first to get voted off. Many thought she acted very suspicious and decided to lead a vote tally against her. Unfortunately for her, most followed. Most followed because not everyone was sure what to do on the first day.

In the end she had the most votes and Ravi and Phoenix came to pick her up. She was brought to a remote private place where Ravi attempted to execute her. She managed to dodge the bullet and climb over the small hill next to them. Now with the two hosts on her tail she decided to hide in the crashed ship and hopefully find something to escape the planet with. When Ravi and Phoenix reached the ship it got blown up by a mysterious force. Crystal died in the explosion.

Rise of The Jedi KnightEdit

Although not appearing herself, Crystal Diamond's sister (...) will be a Playable Character in the Finale Rise Installment.

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