Daniel Flox

Daniel Flox (Portrayed by PindaZwerver)

Daniel Flox is a playable character in the 10th Ambush Game "Rise of The Infiltrators" hosted by Ivar-Jedi. He will be portrayed by PindaZwerver.


Daniel Flox got forced into the Republic Army by his demanding father. Flox now has been in countless battles and knows how to fight. Unfortunately, with the dawn of The Clone Wars, Flox lost his job and became a Senate Gaurd. Here he met Ravi-Idej for a few weeks before Idej left to serve in the war. Flox soon followed and met Ravi again, when the man returned from a devastating defear at the hands of Saboteurs. Flox and Ravi then decided to make a new Elite Force. 

Rise of The InfiltratorsEdit

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