Dark Times- Rise of Power characters

Characters Featured in game(characters may be added or changed depending within the time the game is hosted)

 Dark Times: Rise of Power will be the first game hosted by Newankalt. It is expected to be hosted sometime in Phase 5 games. It will take place in the Star Wars Universe and will feature all Star Wars characters with some Made up characters.


Plot Description Edit

"5 months after the events of order 66"

Emperor Palpatine's rise of power is nearly complete more and more netural star systems are being forced to join the Galactic Empire and the remaining Jedi are being hunted down and defeated. But not everyone wants to accept the Emperors new rule of the galaxy, a small group of people who still are loyal to what the true Republic stood for are rallying together and attempting attacks and assinations against Emperor Palpatine. Palpatine knows well enough that if these Republic Renegades gets more support it could spark a civil war without end. In a desprate move to finish these renegades off quickly the Emperor calls apon the best canidates he can find to destroy these terroists before there influence spreads, but what if theres traitors within his own inner order?.

Characters Edit

Host Characters Edit

1. Emperor Palpatine


Playable Characters Edit

Unplayable Characters Edit

Setting Edit

Roles Edit

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