Darren Ratta - The Wiz-Man 2.0

Darren Ratta is a playable character in the 10th Ambush Game "Rise of The Infiltrators" hosted by Ivar-Jedi. He was portrayed by DarthPotato77. The Wiz-Man returned in the epic finale "Rise of The Jedi Knight" Potato reprised his role as Darren and it was the third time he played as a Wiz-Man. 

Darren Ratta will return in Ivar's Rise series "Rise of The Redemption" as recurring character in the show. 


Darren is the son of Folus Ratta (Wiz-Man), the original Wiz-man, who died during "Rise of the Saboteurs" After Darren heard thie news he decided to follow in his father's footsteps and became the new Wiz-man, crimefighter of the Galaxy. He joined Ravi's new Elite Force in honour of his father and has fought alongside Ravi and the others for 2 years now.

Rise of The RedemptionEdit

Darren returned in the series "Rise of The Redemption" where he plays a large supporting role just like in the main stories of the games. He acts as an active crewmember on Ravi's Cruiser "The Redemption" that has set out to 'redeem' the Galaxy of war and evil. 

Darren's past and relationship with his father Folus Ratta (Wiz-Man) will be explored in one of the episodes as will his feelings towards Padawan Avery Thorston be explored deeper then before. 

Rise of The InfiltratorsEdit

Rise of The Jedi KnightEdit

Darren Ratta returned in the epic finale "Rise of The Jedi Knight" as one of the founding members of the Rebel Alliane. He served under The Fire Skeleton and fought for justice against the almighty Empire.

  • Darren Ratta (Wiz-Man 2.0) in Rise of The Jedi Knight
  • Darren in Rise III early production photo.
  • Darren falling to his supposed death

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