Darth Grr

Darth Grr

Darth Grr will be a non-playable character in "Back on the Grid".


Grr is the Ewok brother of Yaar. Grr and Yaar both grew up together. Except Grr's childhood was different. He was bullied a lot by the other Ewoks. They thought he would never amount to anything. Grr then swore that he would be so strong that he would destroy all who opposed him. One day he got on an Imperial shuttle and was found by Darth Vader, who sensed Grr's hatred and rage. Vader took it upon himself to train Grr as his secret apprentice. Now the apprentice of Darth Vader, Grr is more powerful than he ever imagined and has his mind set on one thing. Revenge for those who wronged him. 

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