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Darth Reval

Darth Reval claims to be a Sith lord, but many just see him as a dark Jedi. He got a great interest in power and Sith artefacts and he's a dark and unpredictable person. He was played by Spider in Haters of the Jedi IV.

Hunters of the JediEdit

During the time of the Mandalorian Empire Reval worked with Ila Vanes to find a mysterious and powerful atrefact known as the Forcesaber. His rival Lord Zarvous was also looking for this artefact. One day Ila stumbled upon Pindus Zwervus and his fellow Jedi Hunters. She brought them to Reval, claiming to have found the powerful Jedi Pindus was looking for. Reval manipulated the Hunters into thinking Lord Zarvous was this Jedi. Reval, Ila and the Hunters went to Zarvous's hideout and attempted to defeat him in combat, without success. They were kicked out of Zarvous's liar. Reval and Ila decided to go with the Jedi Hunters to the Mandalorian palace. 

Haters of the Jedi IVEdit

During the Civil War between the Mandalorian Empire and Rebels led by Pindus. Reval posed as a rebel but he was secretely working for the Emperor. But his real goals had nothing to do with the war. Reval knew the Emperor was seeking the Forcesaber. So he decided to gain the Emperor's trust and hoped he'd be able to find the Forcesaber with his aid. Eventually it turned out the rebels had the saber, the traitors (including Reval) betrayed the rebels during a fight at the Mandalorian Palace. After the traitors were victorious Reval and Ila Vanes ran off with the Forcesaber.

Secrets of the ForceEdit

Several years after the battle at the Mandalorian Palace Reval is still hunting for artefacts and he's gaining more power all the time.

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