Derek Shantaj

Derek Shantaj (Portrayed by Jett-Kron)

Derek Shantaj was a playable character in the fifth Ambush Game "Rise of the Saboteurs" hosted by Ivar-Jedi. He was portrayed by Jett-Kron1911. He made it far into game but was killed off in the night of Day 4 - Reckoning.

Role: Loyal Helper (Loyal Helper (Role))

Rise of The Saboteurs Edit

Derek's first and only appearance (so far) was int he fifth Ambush Game "Rise of The Saboteurs" where he was portrayed by user Jett-Kron. He was portayed as a very ecentric and enthousiastic man, but also quite annoying. This almost led him to be voted off or people to get suspicious of him. When he came around and started to calm down people like and trusted him, especially after the Inspector revealed his alliagance of being a Loyal. Derek joined many in voting off several other players.

When the fourth day of the game (named Day 4 - Reckoning) came to an end and the arrest was done Derek joined Zamora Firewing (Sithkillagal99) and Clone Captain Phoenix to kill Kyr'am Verd - The Mysterious Thing. When Verd appeared he knocked Zamora out cold and made Derek and Phoenix trip over. When he attacked Phoenix Derek jumped up straight and smashed his bazooka in Verd's face. When he was about to shoot Verd he got sidetracked by the Astromech droid R9-Y7 who revealed himself to be traitor. During the distraction Verd picked up a chainsaw and killed Derek with it. He was buried off-screen like every player.

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