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Dimension Chase is the name of a "prototype" spin-off game created by maverickjedivalen. It featured five players (plus one reserve player) and took  place during the Phase 2 game The War on Middle-Earth. While short in terms of duration and players, it did earn a sequel called Dimension Chase II: The Darkest Soul.

The players were

  1. Natalie Crescent as Metal sonic
  2. Master Kenobi-Wan as Darth Revan
  3. PindaZwerver as Darkrai
  4. Ivar-Jedi as The Scarecrow
  5. Squiggy as The Witch king
  6. DarthPotato77 (back up player only)

How To PlayEdit


After seeing the sucess of potato's ambush games, fellow star user maverickjedivalen decided to make his own game.  After developing a storyline, gameplay and adding characters the "protoype" game was almost ready to be played.  Maverick then recruited several other users to play who all agreed enthusiastically to join. Though it took a while to confirm the time of when it would be played, maverick finally found a good time slot between Siblings and Ivar's games.


The story revolves around the game's protagonist, The Dimension Master, a god like being that tries to keep the multiverse in order, but when a powerful being known as Stromtaan starts to become overpowering, he summons several others from different worlds, to counter this threat...


  • The game itself is called the Choice wars, while Dimension Chase is just the name of this particular game.
  • Including the ambush games and all the other spin-off games, the Dimension Chase is the only one where the host also plays the villain.
  • This was the first game to have an "anti-host" type character.
  • The "worlds collide" theme was inspired by spider's Sith Temple game.

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