Dimension Chase II The Darkest Soul is the title of the mini game sequel to the Dimension Chase.  Created by Maverickjedivalen, it featured The Dimension Master as the host once more.  Stromtaan will also return as the "anti-host."   Unlike last time where players had to pick a character from a list, they can now think of their own character from any franchise.  The game  began on October 26th 2013 and ended on November 15th.  It was won by the Scum with Ivar-Jedi as the only survivor.


After defeating Stromtaan, it seems peace has finally come to the Universal Space, but something is returning again.  An unseen power that could threaten all universes once more.  The Dimension Master must once again set up a team to fight this menace that is known as the Darkest Soul.  Has the monster really returned? 

Day 1Edit

Day 2Edit

Day 3Edit

Day 4Edit

Day 5Edit


  1. Starwarrior247 as Saruman. (Loyal)
  2. Jodo as Red Skull. (Loyal)
  3. Newankalt as HK-47. (Loyal)
  4. Darth Namialus as Galadriel. (Loyal)
  5. Ivar-Jedi as the Joker. (Scum)
  6. Malgus as Neo. (Loyal)
  7. Bane as Sylar. (Loyal)
  8. Master Kenobi-Wan as Doctor Who (the eleventh one). (Scum)


  • It once again featured the Dimension Master as the host.
  • More roles were added than previous.
  • The rules from last game applied to this one as well.
  • Like the game's name, this takes a darker route than the previous game.
  • Out of the five players from the first Dimension Chase, Ivar and Obi are the only ones to play the sequel.
  • It is the first, and only Dimension Chase to have a scum victory.

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