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Doors is a spin-off game, planned by Master_Kenobi-Wan, that will be hosted between games. Players must vote on which of the doors to open to face the task ahead. The doors will be in different shapes and sizes to help with the decision. The door that has the most votes will be opened. Tasks may vary from destroying an enemy to survival. A blaster won't help you to survive out in the jungles and a water bottle won't help you defeat a Sith lord. Once you find out what is behind the door that was chosen, the leader in the group decides what to do with the item. Even if you think you can destroy a Sith with a water bottle, it is up to me, the host, to decide whether you win (live) or lose (die). If you put up a good argument, I may reconsider your fate. Be warned. There may be traitors in your little group and they can still vote for the doors.

Doors Game 1: Dead Ends and Some DoorsEdit

Doors teaser 2

Teaser 2

Dead Ends and Some Doors was the first Doors game. Players were Natalie Crescant, Sithkillagal99, DarthPotato77, Echaniwarrior, DarkSideRules13 and Ivar-Jedi.

Door chosen: Door 2 (small red)

Item behind chosen door: thermal detonators

Item behind other door: wine glass

How item behind chosen door was used: thrown at pursuing droids

Doors pic 4


Loyal Leader: decides what to do with the item behind the chosen door and can accept advice from other players.

Loyal Opener: Opens the door. The opener may open a different door but it has to have at least a certain number of votes. The number of votes can change depending on the amount of players.

Loyal Soldier: Simply votes and helps.

Scum Controller : decides how the task ahead may be played out. This depends on the selection the loyals make. (Similar to Loyal Leader)

Scum Soldier: Votes and helps (like Loyal Soldier)


Colonel Daccon (Game 1)

VAC-47 (Game 1)

R2 D2 (Game 1)

R4 P44 (Game 1)

R2 Q2 (Game 1)

R3 T4 (Game 1)

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