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Hunting the Hunters

Echaniwarrior or Echani for short (Etch-aw-nee) is a male member on and a former Ambush Games player. He played Tuuk Din in Hunting the Hunters.  


Hunting the HuntersEdit

Echani has only played one game, Hunting the Hunters. In this game he played as the Scum Leader taking over Jedipanda28's position because of her busy scheldule. He survived until that last day, where a majority of votes had him killed. Due to this, he revealed his position as the main antagonist of the game.


  • Echani admitted he was Scum Leader in Hunting the Hunters.
  • He replaced JediPanda as Scum Leader in this game.
  • He currently has no plans to play any future games.
  • His wiki signature is 200px-Sig.png.

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