Electro will be a playable character in "Back on the Grid". 



Electro (AKA Max Dillon)

Max Dillon was an electrician hired to upgrade the bio-electrical filters of Dr. Curt Connors's Empire State University laboratory.

During one night, Max precariously places his drill on top of a machine he was working on. While struggling to dismantle a piece, he knocks the power tool into the electric panel, and when he grabs it he receives an electric discharge that hurls him back against the eel tank. The tank cracks and Max is bathed in its special fluid.

He is rushed to the hospital by Dr. Connors and Eddie Brock. Max arrives there strapped to a gurney, crackling with electricity and is taken to the isolation ward. Max's body begins to generate a constant stream of bio-electricity, which can only be contained by an isolation suit. He is assured this is only temporary and that Connors will start working on a cure. Max snaps back saying that it is least he could do, blaming Connors for the mishap. Max grows increasingly impatient and frustrated with his condition, as his bio-electricity doesn't even allow him to watch television. He also mourns over his life plans that now had come to naught. When Brock suggests that he simply needs to take time to adjust to his condition, Max lashes out, causing every electric machine in the building he's in to short out. He then storms out of the hospital. With very little options, he becomes a bounty hunter to raise enough credits to get himself a cure. 

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