Elliot Marcus as The Outlaw.

Elliot Marcus a.k.a The Outlaw is the Main Character in Ivar-Jedi's Outlaw. Elliot Marcus lives in the town of Goldhamm but when the evil hand of The White Ranger reaches for it he is forced to step outside the law and brings matter in his own hands to stop this threat! 


The Series was cancelled by creator Ivar-Jedi. The Series might be released in script form. 


Elliot Marcus is the son of Dan and Jane Marcus and was born in the barn of their ranch in the town of Goldhamm. He remained here for the rest of his youth. 

Elliot was never really popular for he was a quiet yet intelligent individual and liked being on his own or just with a few people. He never really had a best friends, but he did know everyone in the village and everyone knew him. He was often bullied or beat up but didn't let him influence him. He got gun training from his father and horseriding training from his mother. 

Elliot Marcus

Elliot Marcus.

On the age of 17, Elliot lost his father who was a acting Ranger for the village and was fatally wounded after a train robbery. He died in the town's medical house with Elliot and Sam by his side, saying his farewells. 

4 years after his father died Elliot moved to live in the city for 3 years until now finally coming back to his home town of Goldhamm on the age of 24.

He wants to change his town for the best having seen progress for the good in the city. He hopes to clean his hometown of foulness and evil before it begins. He had heard stories about The White Ranger and fears one day he will make it to their town. What he does not know is that his return will swirl him in an adventure like he could only dream of! 

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