or The Legacy of Arda: Part VII was the sixth and final game in The Legacy of Arda Saga. It was hosted by Spider-Wolffe 78.


Prologue Part 1 - The Birth of Revan:

Prologue Part 2 - Man in the Box:

Prologue Part 3 - Future of the Sedition:

Day 1 - The End:

Day 1 Voting:

Day 1 Conclusion:

Day 2 - Death Takes a Holiday:

Day 2 Voting:

Day 2 Conclusion:

Day 3 - Born Under a Bad Sign:

Day 3 Voting:

Day 3 Conclusion:

Day 4 - Abandon All Hope:

Day 4 Voting:

Day 4 Conclusion:

Day 5 - Two Minutes to Midnight:

Day 5 Voting:

Day 5 Conclusion:

The Legacy of Arda Finale:





-Sebastian ShawEdit

The most ambitious member of the Dark Alliance. Shaw is tired of being ordered around by Utun, and has a master plan set in motion to destroy both the Dark Alliance and the Sedition. He has personal grudes against both Eomer and Revan. He is a savage leader, nicknamed "The Butcher"

-Yas OtisonEdit

Shaw's quiet captain, Otison is the perhaps the only one Shaw trusts with his plans. Otison was the overseer of the Assassin tournament which ended in disaster. Otison is a vicious fighter who enjoys the blood of his enemies.

-Eek UtunEdit

The Grand General of the Dark Alliance, Utun is second only to Sauron himslf. Utun is typically a gentleman who cares for others, though he wishes to kill Eomer for humiliating him. Utun despises Shaw, but acknowledges him as an effective leader.

-Reego MallosEdit

Another Captain for the Dark Allaince, Mallos your typical officer though he has no tolerance for failure.

-Lux BonteriEdit

A man under Shaw's command, Lux firmly believes all traitors deserve to die traitors' deaths.


An Elite, no nonsense Clone Commando who wears Black armor.


He has hidden away since his return, though he communicates with Utun from Mordor. There is only one man in all of time and space who dare challenge him.

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