Events are things that can happen during a game. They were introduced by PindaZwerver in Haters Of The Jedi II: Order 66. Events are made out of a story part and a game part. Spider plans to use them in his future games. They will also return in Haters of the Jedi III: Rise of the Empire, PindaZwerver already got one event in mind for this game.

Story partEdit

The story part was a video or some pictures explaining the event. This might be an attack by the enemy, something strange about the location, a hint left behind by a traitor or something totaly different. The story part will also explain what you'll have to do in the game part.

Game partEdit

The part is were the players get to do something in the event. They may have to solve a puzzle or fight an enemy using the new fight system that will be used in the game (that's not finished yet). The answers can be given to the host on the player's guide. The players that answer it correctly will receive information, special powers or something else. If the ammount of player with the right answer is lower the reward will be better. If no one got the right answer or solution to the problem something bad MAY happen...