Gerdjon was the first villian encountered in Ivar-Jedi's Series "Rise of The Redemption" and played a major part in the Keel Arc.

This arc includes the episodes: "Rescue Mission" and "Into Silver Space

Gerdjon is the leader of the Keels, a race of brutal and brawny red-skinned species that are easily tempered yet are expert miners. He also had a son named Vala. 

Rescue MissionEdit

In Rescue Mission Gerdjon held Jedi Master Kit Fisto in costudy after stealing the Blue Matter from the Jedi's home planet and imprisoning him during the chase. 

Once The Redemption and its crew came into view he tried to talk himself out of it but it did not work. His ship was secretly boarded by Jedi Ravi-idej  and his friends The Fire Skeleton and Natalie Shaw

In the end Kit Fisto was saved and Gerdjon was greatly angered, now knowing his plans for the Blue Matters were to be revealed soon. He went into Hyper Space, returning to his home planet of Keelia to oversee the mining of Silver. 

Into Silver SpaceEdit

Gerdjon returned to Keelia and met with his son Vala at the Silver mining facility. He showed his son the Blue Matter and placed in a special holding pen. Vala showed his father around, showing him the progress of the mining of Silver needed to sustain the Blue Matter during flight before hitting the jedi Temple and destroying it by imploding greatly. 


Gerdjon, seconds before his death

Not much later Ravi-Idej, The Fire Skeleton, Avery ThorstonDarren Ratta (Wiz-man 2.0) and Captain Fierce were brought before him and his son as prisoners. He punched Skelly in the face out of anger of the events of 'Rescue Mission' and then continued to talk with Ravi and his Padawan. Eventually he decided they should all be shot dead by The Redemption came hanging over them lowly and a fight ensued after Avery freed everyone. 

Gerdjon and Ravi got into a short duel before the Keelian leader fled for the safety of a mining cave. Ravi and Avery went looking for him here and split up. Gerdjon then attacked Ravi, taking him by suprise and then continued to beat Avery. He felt so invinicible yet emotionally unstable and madness overtook him. He was then shot dead by Fierce who had taken the Blue Matter during the battle and saved everyone. Gerdjon's body was left in the cave after his death.  

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