General Grievous

Grievous was an unplayable character in The Sith Temple Game and a playable character in Haters of the Jedi II: Order 66 he was played by Kaleesh in that game. He will be the host of Emergence of Bane.

The good General.


The War on Middle-EarthEdit

Grievous was rebuilt by Dooku and brought with him on a mission for destroying Voldemort and finding the One Ring. He was one of the few survivors.

The Sith Temple GameEdit

Since Grievous was late to the evil bounty hunter meeting, he missed Revan's massacre. When he came, he found Boba Fett about to be killed by Revan . He saved Fett and nearly killed Revan, but Revan stopped him with Embo's hat. Grievous and Fett tracked Revan to Serenno in the Sith Temple. There they discovered the killer was a Sith. They aided Darth Sidious in finding the Rogues. After Boba Fett was killed by Gollum, Grievous decided with the others tp attack Howarts and find the One Ring.

Haters of the JediEdit

The Rising MenaceEdit


Grievous reappears in this game to battle and defeat the Insurgents on Isis.


Return of the Raging MenaceEdit

Grievous is Alive. Emergence of Bane.

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