ARC Trooper Hammer

Captain Hammer

Captain Hammer was an ARC trooper during the clone wars. He has only been seen in the Guardians of the Republic game so far. He was played by Spider. He will return in The Tale of Omega.

Guardians of the RepublicEdit

Captain Hammer was sent to the planet Zarbon to search for major Republic battle plans which were stolen by the Separatists. He went along with a squad of clones, all of which were lead by jedi master Derrik Alther. After searching for several days, Hammer and the rest of the squad had found the plans hidden in a Separatist strong hold. After storming the base and taking back the plans, Hammer and the others ran off with the plans while being pursued by the Separatist army, lead by Count Dooku's newest assassin Vees Snappa. While they were almost certain that they had lost the Separatists, Derrik still ordered the clones to run as fast as they could to reach the escape ships in time. Unfortanately, the droids knew their location because of inside information and they attacked the clones. Derrik ordered half of his troops, Hammer included, to run off and escape with the plans. Derrik and the other half of the clones stayed to hold off the Separatists. Hammer was now the squad leader and ordered the clones to retreat to the forest. After running for hours, they were sure that they had lost the Separatists. But now it was certain that Derrik and the other clones were killed in battle. Knowing of the plan's importance, Hammer ordered the men to keep on moving and not stop. They had to find a way off of Zarbon.

Hammer and the surviving clones soon came across an old man, called Old Guy, who told them that there were scum among them. After executing Lock and finding out he was scum, the clones knew he was right. They would then vote off one clone everyday until all of the scum were gone.

Eventually, Hammer, Fox, and Beserker found all of the scum and eliminated them (with the exeception of Sparker, who turned out to be working for the Death Watch). Him and the others then escaped on a venator, which the Republic sent in.

The Tale of OmegaEdit