McGuinnes Harley

Harley McGuinnes (Poratrayed by GammaSiera)

Harley McGuinnes was a playable character in the fifth Ambush Game "Rise of the Saboteurs" hosted by Ivar-Jedi. He was portrayed by Gamma Sierra.

Role: Loyal Helper (Loyal Helper (Role))

Rise of The SaboteursEdit

McGuinnes was the second person to die in the game and the first Loyalist to be killed. He died during the arrest of Day 2 - Harley's Bad Luck. In dissaray he attempted to kill Clone Captain Phoenix but was shot in the back with a Bazooka by Ravi-Idej. McGuinnes exploded with only his legs and guts remaining. Those parts were buried.


  • Harley was originally called McGuinnes Harley but Gamma said his name wrong one time and it stuck.
  • McGuinnes was supposed to kill Clone Captain Phoenix at first during his arrest but during filming Ivar altered the script because it was dramatic enough so early on in the game. 

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