Harlin Krekis (Mask)

Harlin Krekis

Harlin Krekis is a character in Ivar-Jedi's epic finale "Rise of The Jedi Knight" He serves as a sidekick and personal bodygaurd/assasin for Siem Blackrim/Kyr'am Verd (more commenly known as Lord Verd) 

Krekis sees Verd more as a friend then just a personal he spends his time with. Although Krekis sees this, he is not a good guy. He enjoyes bringing down Rebels to their knees and is a formidable opponent to anyone and therefore a great threat. 


Harlin Krekis has always been in the bodygaurd/assassin business ever since his childhood. Both his parents (Aurra Sing and Hondo Ohnaka) are criminals and never had time for him. When they did have time for him, they thaught him how to be the meaniest and strongest Bounty Hunter/Assassin/Pirate and all sorts of stuff this galaxy had ever seen! 

After Aurra left Krekis with Hondo, Krekis becoma more hostile and dangerous (as he was in his teen years and expressed himself through violence and destruction) Then the planet of Florrum was attacked and Hondo and his gang of Weegauy Pirates fled the system just on time. It is here, by a nearby spaceport where Hondo said goodbye to Krekis and left him alone, fearing he brough to much danger on his son. 

Years later Krekis became a Royal Gaurd for Chancellor Palpatine and was together with Mass Amedda made aware (by Sidious himself) that Palpatine was a Sith Lord. Krekis followed Amedda's lead and kept it secret, hoping for a price position in the new Empire.

When the Empire finally arrived, Krekis was assigned to bodygaurd Lord Verd, one of Sidious's many pawns/servants and became good friend with the man over years trying to hunt down and locate hidden Rebel bases and Soldiers. More Rebels have died on the dou's hand then by Darth Vader alone. 

Krekis is aware of Verd's mistreatment by the Emperor and has therefore, together with Verd himself, made a plan to overthrow Sidious and rule galaxy on their own. 

Rise of The Jedi KnightEdit

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