Mr. Potter

Harry Potter

Harry Potter is the name of a wizard known to be the only survivor of Voldemort and his lightning scar. He was an unplayable character in the Sith Temple Game.


The Battle of HowartsEdit


Harry before his death

Harry Pottar was briefly featured in The Sith Temple Game's conclusion, the Battle of Hogwarts. While the Sith, the Supervillains, the Death Eaters, and the Chuitari tried to break into the castle, total war broke out. Harry Potter was unintentionally killed by Wolverine who believed Pottar was a Death trying to take the One Ring, though in reality they were not enemies. Since he was a Horcrux, his death allowed Voldemort to be killed by Magneto.

Universal RipEdit

Harry Potter is a playable character in Ivar-Jedi's first mini-game "Universal Rip

He was played  by ???