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Hasko Ters

Hasko Ters was a playable character in Haters of the Jedi III: Rise of the Empire and was portrayed by Maverickjedivalen.

Haters of the Jedi 2 and 3Edit

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Hasko Ters in Haters of the Jedi 2

Hasko Ters made an appearance in the second Haters game aswell. He was not named and PindaZwerver had no plans for letting him return as a playable character yet but he appeared in one of the newspapers in the game's conclusion. The newspaper said: "Angry tourist find head in hotel on Mustafar." Ters had found Vindi's head during his vacation on Mustafar. It got there because Pindus Zwervus had brought it with him on his ship and somehow Hasko found it.


Hasko ters

Hasko Ters during the Onderon civil war

Hasko Ters was a rebel in the Onderon civil war. After the defeat of the evil Onderonian king he became a republic soldier and fought in many conflicts. After the war the Jedi didn't accept any non-clone troopers anymore and Hasko turned into a grumpy ex-warhero.


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