Haters of the Jedi V is a future game that might be hosted by PindaZwerver. It will be the final chapter in the Pindus Zwervus story. If this game will really happen is unsure. PindaZwerver might decide to let Haters of the Jedi IV: Civil Wars be the final game in the Haters of the Jedi series's main story.

This game has been replaced by Haters of the Jedi V: Time Traveling, that was originally going to be a spin-off.

Playable charactersEdit

The playable characters will be the surviving characters (including unplayables) of the Haters of the Jedi series. If they die during this game they're permanently dead.


The story will depend on what will happen in the last two games but PindaZwerver does have ideas on how to end the story.

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