Haters of the Jedi II: Special edition is a remade version of the story of Haters of the Jedi II: Order 66

Character outfit changesEdit

The following characters got a outfit or model.

Weapon changesEdit

  • Jedi master Harrrigg now wields a blue double lightsaber.
  • Ventress will have two red curved lightsabers now.
  • Sidious will get a lightsaber with a normal hilt.

Setting changesEdit

  • Kaas will not find Pindus in a hat but in a "cave".
  • The beds or Kaas and Pindus will now have different colors. The hologram projector, droid charger and controll panel of the Stofzuiger will also look different.
  • There will be no blue plate used in scenes taking place in the Stofzuiger's controll room.

Story changesEdit

Major changes will be made to the conclusion and duel between Boba Fett and the Secret Weapon.

Progress and productionEdit

Currently the progress on the special edition is on hold because of Haters of the Jedi III. But the first two scenes are already finished.

It will be produced as one huge video.

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