This page will contain all hidden messages and trivia for PindaZwerver's games.

I put those translations on here because untill now only Ivar would understand them :) More trivia will come soon.

Haters of the Jedi 1Edit

  • Pindus Zwervus naam is a changed version of PindaZwerver's own name. PindaZwerver can be translated as PeanutWanderer.
  • Bezem is not just the name of Pindus ship but also the Dutch word for broom
  • Captain Hersenloos is also named after a Dutch word. Hersenloos can be translated as brainless or mindless. This is PindaZwerver's opinion about clones so he decided to give him this name.
  • The P and Z in PZ-15's name are the first letters of Pinda and Zwerver and 15 is the age of PindaZwerver
  • The T and V in TV-11's name are the first letters of PindaZwerver's real first and last name.
  • When Pindus, Boba and Vindi infiltrated the jedi temple Pindus made up a name to hide Boba and Vindi's real indendity. Boba's was Bobbel Vet, which is translated as fat bulge. In real life PindaZwerver and some of his friends refered to Boba as Bobbel Vet.

Haters of the Jedi 2Edit

  • Kaas Zwervus got his last name because he's the brother of Pindus Zwervus but his first name is the Dutch word for cheese. Combined with "pinda" you get the word "pindakaas" which means peanut butter.
  • Commander Verader's name can be translated as Traitor because he originally was going to betray the Republic.
  • Jedi Master Harrrigg's name is a Wookiee version of the Dutch word "Harig" which means hairy. This perfectly suits the Wookiee jedi.
  • Stofzuiger is not just he name of Kaas' ship but also the Dutch word for Vacuum cleaner
  • P1N-D4 is obviously named after PINDAzwerver.

On the wikiEdit

The pages of Pindus and Kaas Zwervus on the wiki also contain some hidden words.

  • Henk, the first name of Darts D'nar's father, is name that was often used in the Netherlands but now people mostly make fun of it.
  • Gemene Martelaar's (the Zygerian king) name means Mean Torturor.
  • Domme, the father of Kaas and Pindus,'s name means stupid.
  • Afwas Middel, the mother of Kaas and Pindus, can be translated as something like soap.

Haters of the Jedi 3Edit

Several playable characters in the third Haters of the Jedi game do have a story behind their name. Some are easy to figure out, others harder or maybe even impossible.

  • Captain Beleg Brood is named after broogbeleg which is a Dutch word for things you put on your bread.

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