Created by


First use

Haters of the jedi

Last use

Haters of the jedi


Spy healer (Haters of the jedi)

Played by

Darth Maul (CadBaneKiller)



Healer was a role created by PindaZwerver and first used in his haters of the jedi game.


The traitors (spies) could use this ability on a player that died during the game on the same night. If they did that player would be brought back to live. To balance it a random person's role would be revealed which would be a bad thing for the spies because that would mean their enemies got usefull information.

Use in gamesEdit

In the haters of the jedi game Darth Maul (CadBaneKiller) got the role of healer. He chose to not use this role because of it's disadvantage.

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