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Heroes of The Rebellion is an upcoming Ambush Game hosted by Ivar-Jedi. It will take place during the Original Trilogy (OT)

The game was annoucend somewhere in September and entered pre-production on September 30. It is currently in development.

It was going to be Ivar-Jedi's fourth game to host. On October 19 Ivar-Jedi revealed the game takes place in the same universe as the "Rise Series"

It takes place 17 years after Rise of The Infiltrators and is the first part in a double parted story. 

The Game is cancelled, but might see the light of day in Series form together with The Empire Game, making this story still canon to Rise. 


Playable CharactersEdit

  1. Luke Skywalker
  2. Han Solo
  3. Princess Leia
  4. Obi-wan (Ben) Kenobi (Reserved by PindaZwerver)
  5. Chewbacca (Reserved by Spider_Wolffe)
  6. Lando Calirissian
  7. R2-D2
  8. C-3PO
  9. Biggs
  10. Dak
  11. Wedge
  12. Captain Antilles (Might be changed to just "Rebel") (Reserved by Potato)

Unplayable Characters And Cameo's Edit

  1. The Fire Skeleton (Host Character)
  2. Cyborg P03-N1X
  3. Darren Ratta (Wiz-Man 2.0)
  4. Zorrus Blake
  5. Nalyal Dagget
  6. Darth Vader
  7. Darth Sidious
  8. Stormtroopers
  9. Imperial Officers
  10. Emperor Gaurds
  11. Grand Moff Tarkin (sequel host)
  12. Rebel Troopers

Story Edit

After preparing a daring infiltration mission against the almighty Empire's Battlestation the Rebels discover that Imperial Spies have entered they're ranks! Can the Loyals find the Spies in time and strike a devestating blow against the Empire? Or will they die trying...


The game will play out within a Rebel Base much like Master Kenobi-Wan's The Enemy Within, but not in the universe. The Death Star and/or Imperial Cruiser settings will also appear for the Imperial Scenes. 



Like every Ivar game this game features a fictional non-excisting Original Motion Pictures Soundtrack;

Track Name: Duration:
1. Heroes of The Rebellion 10:17
2. For Peace And Justice 2:57
3. ???


  • If this game is cancelled, as it may be, Ivar-Jedi will be the first Phase I Host to miss a phase.
  • Ivar likes the setting and the use of only real Star Wars Characters for a change.
  • It is a Prequel to "Jedi Knight" and "The Empire Game" (wich is also a Prequel to Jedi Knight) Heroes and Empire together form one story. So this is Part 1 of that story, the story of The Fire Skeleton trying to destroy the Death Star. 

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