Hostages of Trazibar is a game that is to be hosted in the late summer/early fall of 2014. It will be the sequel to Star's previous game Stranded on Trazibar . It will involve many similar elements included in his first game, along with some new ones as well.


Following the events of Stranded on Trazibar, Thorin, Yoda, and ever other person that survived the ordeal of getting to the base realize that whether they wanted to or not, are now part of a group against The Emperor of Trazibar. As all the people from the SW galaxy become acquainted with everything on Trazibar, they have no idea of what is coming. Razorg has a legion of orcs sent to investigate the death of Commander Rathbone and his troops. Reik and Bane have ran away and no one save them knows if they still live. General Grievous and Count Dooku are unaccounted for, along with the massive droid army they crashed with. The great mystery of Trazibar and what it's importance is remains a secret. Thorin and his past remain unknown alongside Tony Stark, Thor, and anyone else at the base. With a three part prologue leading up to the game, many new characters introduced, multiples stories unveiling themselves, and twists nobody can forsee, the board will be completely altered so that no one is safe...


Host CharactersEdit

  1. Bartholomew
  2. Thorin

Playable CharactersEdit

  1. Obi-Wan Kenobi - (Ferus)
  2. Ahsoka Tano - (Nam)
  3. Krell - (Newan)
  4. Batman - (Kenobi)
  5. Captain America - (Bane)
  6. Gimli - (Malgus)
  7. Sarah - (Nicole)
  8. Rebecca - (Wampa)
  9. Frederick - (Spider)
  10. Legolas Greenleaf - (Legolas)
  11. Kit Fisto - (Pinda)
  12. Saesee Tiin - (CBK)
  13. Radagast the Brown - (Potato)
  14. Samwise Gamgee - (Boba)
  15. Spider Man - (Mav)

Unplayable CharactersEdit

  1. Peter
  2. Karn
  3. Oliver
  4. John
  5. Commander Storm
  6. Bossk
  7. Varg
  8. Zarg
  9. Commander Fox
  10. Fives
  11. Tup
  12. Captain Thunder
  13. Ki-Adi Mundi
  14. Bofur
  15. Dwalin
  16. Plo Koon



  1. Thorin's base
  2. The Tower of Belafona
  3. Cyoreia
  4. Murtagro
  5. Ruins of Harrowburg

Story line Edit

Prologue Edit

Part 1 ~ The Enemy Negotiates

Part 2 ~ A Final Rebellion

Part 3 ~ The End of the Beginning

Game Days Edit

Day 1 ~ Conspiracy

Day 2 ~ Runaway Mercenary

Day 3 ~ A Breath of Peace

Day 4 ~ Splitting the Last Hope

Day 5 ~ Criminal vs Criminal

Day 6 ~ Rising Tensions

Day 7 ~ Unfriendly Lands

Day 8 ~ Murtagro: City of Bloodshed


This is the second game Star is hosting

There will be a lot of characters in this game.

The story will have several subplots and quite a few twists revolving around the main story.

A teaser for something Star has planned will be revealed at the end of the game.

There was a three part prologue released weekly leading up to the game. It was the largest group of pictures to date on the AGs.

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