Hunters of the Jedi is a Pinda-canon series set between Haters of the Jedi III: Rise of the Empire and Haters of the Jedi IV: Civil Wars .

Episode ListEdit

Ten episodes are planned. The plan is to have them air before Haters of the Jedi IV and will announce the playable characters for the game. The schedule may change. 

# Name Air date Description
01 Rise of the Empire 7th of June 2013 The Emperor is ensuring his power in the galaxy and forms an elite group of Jedi Hunters lead by Pindus Zwervus.
02 The Doctor's Secret 6th of August 2013 Doctor Nuvo Vindi came back from the death at least once. But how did he do it?
03 Brothers 6th of August 2013 Continuation of previous episode
04 Master of the Force August 2013 The Jedi Hunters track down a powerful Jedi.
05 Mystery August 2013 Following the trail of a Jedi target leads the Hunters to discover a much larger threat.
06 Old enemies TBA TBA
07 The Janitors TBA TBA
08 Chasing the Chosen One TBA TBA
09 Execution TBA TBA
10 Noble Plans TBA TBA


Main charactersEdit

Pindus Zwervus
Nuvo Vindi Playable character in Haters 4
Hasko Ters Playable character in Haters 4
Secret Weapon
Hondo Ohnaka Playable character in Haters 4

Minor charactersEdit

Name Notes
Beleg Brood Playable character in Haters 4
Commander Verader Playable character in Haters 4
Jan Zwendelaar Playable character in Haters 4
Nevus Kores Playable character in Haters 4
Paros Muna Playable character in Haters 4
Random Jedi #1
TV-11 (Flasback)
Pre Vizsla (Flashback)
Kaas Zwervus (Flashback)
Yoda (Flashback)
Boba Fett (Flashback)
Sev (Flashback)
Darth Maul (Flashback)
Asajj Ventress (Flashback)
Savage Opress (Flashback)
Cad Bane (Flashback)

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