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Isis, The Revolt

Isis is a Isis planet in the Utapau system. It is was the beginning of Maul's Insurgents. And the start of the Menace War.

Humans ruled Isis during the time when Republic owned the planet. Separatist operations occured after Utapau sided with the Separatist. Isis then revolted against the Republic and a new ruler conquered Isis. Still the Royal Army is fighting against the new rule and no one has chosen Separatists over Republic.


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Isis is the home of lush wildlife and wonderous cities. The planet has rich jungles spreading to the banks of rivers. There is no sign of water or deserts, but the people of the planet were able to create an automated wether matic to repopulate its planet in water. At the poles is less jungle and is where the water fuel comes from. The south pole is a fertile place fo both humans and a city.
NarShaddaa Sky


The city is named Osiris, with the leader of the planet is both a one man job, but also a democracy. The leader of the planet is named Anubis Re, who is arrogant and sinister to its people. Not much is known about his life but he gained power after the Separatists raided the planet, and assassinated the Royal Isis Family.

Creatures and Life

The inhabitants of Isis consisted of Humans, and a variety of species looking for homes. While in the Jungle there are several large carnivore animals who feed on the mammals and reptillians that lurk around the Jungles and swamps.


Nar Shaddaa

Isis during Maul's Rule

Isis began with a firm control with no sort of wars or disagreements. They chose Republic because of their hearty wills to keep the peace in the galaxy, but that was changed due to the Isis Crisis that took place shortly after the end of Darth Maul before being reborned.

Isis CrisisEdit

Isis Occupation

Maul's RuleEdit

The GriefEdit

The Aftermath.


To be Posted. Emergence of Bane

Behind The ScenesEdit

Isis is the name of an Egyptian God. She was female and also the sister and wife of Osiris. Osiris is also the city and the capital city of the planet. The landscape and city structure is ironically nothing like Egypt its self. See Isis and Osiris for more information, and Egypt. Anubis Re is another Egyptian name which is a combined form of the Egyptian God Anubis, and the Sun God Amon Re.


Plant Life

In the North Pole, the jungle is fertilized by strange planets that were brought in from Felucia. They store water to help the planet's eco-sytem. This has had a major affect on the Jungles however, causing animals and plants to die because of this unnatural habitat.

Isis, with its wonderous city, was made to look alot like four planets. Felucia. Byss. Coruscant. And Nar Shaddaa
Isiss timeline



Coruscant at night


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Star Wars Stop Motion Prologue Menace

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