Jason Flubberslime

Jason Flubberslime

Jason Flubberslime is a playable character in Ivar-Jedi's epic "Rise of The Jedi Knight" He was portrayed by PindaZwerver


Jason Flubberslime, born on Alderaan, was a humble young man. When old enough his good friend Senator Bail Organa gave him the co-ordinates to the Rebel Alliance secret hideout. Jason left the planet and found the alliance on Yavin 4. He was introduced to The Fire Skeleton who was just about to leave on a mission on his own and decided to take Jason with him. 

During the dangerous mission on Coruscant to retrieve several trapped Rebels, The Fire Skeleton was captured by Imperial Stormtroopers and tortured almost to death. Nobody was able to find him, except for Jason, who burst in with his self-made jetpack and shot the Stormtroopers down. Together with Skelly and the other Rebels they escaped Coruscant and the Tie Fighters that gave chase. 

The Fire Skeleton saw potential in Jason and had him join the Alliance. 2 days later Alderaan was destroyed. 

Rise of The Jedi KnightEdit

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