Jedi Master Zhan Fray

Jedi Master Zhan Fray.

Zhan Fray was a respected Jedi Master during his long life. He only had two apprentices in his time as a Jedi. His lightsaber color is blue and he always wears brown Jedi Robes. He was very close friends with Ravi-idej until he met his unfortunate demise during the crash that lead to the Rise of The Saboteurs game. He was given a proper Jedi Funeral but Ravi decided to still his lightsaber to take out Saboteurs.



Jedi LifeEdit

Zhan became a Jedi at a very young age. He came from the planet of Naboo where he was taken away by Master Yoda to train at the Jedi Temple. He learned quick and was always fascinated by his Jedi life.

When he got older he finally got his first Padawan learner. They spend 5 years together until a fatal accident occured during one of their peacekeeping missions and his Jedi Starfighter turned out to be sabotaged, but his Padawan was flying it for the moment. His Padawan was killed by impact with a mountain.

After this Zhan was always scared to take on a new padawan and never did.

Ravi-idej Edit


The Clone WarsEdit

Ahsoka Tano

Ahsoka Tano, who almost became Fray's apprentice.

During the galaxy wide conflict known as the Clone Wars Jedi Master Zhan Fray was always spread across the universe, battling the CIS enemy. During this time Zhan, together with Ravi led the 104th Legion whom they later called Phoenix Sqaudron, after it's most skilled Clone Captain Phoenix. During this time period Zhan lost many men and lost several battles. He fought the Dark Assassin Ventress once and also clashed with General Grievous in the burning hangars of a Jedi Cruiser. Both nearly died during this duel but Grievous fled when he realized the ship was collapsing and he would die with it.

After 1 year Zhan finally decided he could take on a Padawan again and Jedi Master Yoda and Mace Windu agreed. They went looking for a suitable apprentice for the wise but fragile master. At first they wanted to place the master with young Ahsoka Tano but Yoda thought she would fit The Chosen One more. Sadly, before the two council members could find a suitable apprentice for the wise master he perished on the Jungle/Forest planet of (...) He died in a crash created by Saboteurs.

Rise of The Saboteurs Edit