Jolas Ros was a Colonel of the Army of Sauron. He will be a back-up host in Servants of Destruction.


Jolas Ros was a Zabrak Captain in the Republic. At some point, his life was saved by the Jedi, Dooku. Once Dooku joined the Confederacy and became a Sith Lord, he forced Ros to join in order to repay his debt. Ros relecuantly agreed. He was a successful General and became an expert fighter and won may battles including Felucia, Sarrish, and Florrum. Ros quickly became a prized General. He led the Separatists at The Battle of Umbara. After a gruesome battle, he was captured in the Capitol by Obi-Wan Kenobi. Outraged, Dooku ordered his droids to kill the Zabrak. Ros barely escaped with his life and swore evenge on Dooku. He joined Sauron's Army after hearing Saruman(Dooku) was a prime target of theirs. He became an assistant over see-er to Captain Otison.

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