Kraven the Hunter

Kraven the Hunter

Kraven the Hunter will be a playable character in "Back on the Grid". 


Sergei Kravinoff is a skilled hunter capable of taking down his quarries with his bare hands. Born in Russia, Kravinoff eventually moved to Africa where he met and became in love with Calypso. There, he also collected so many victories that hunting became all too easy. He even tamed a lion, Gulyadkin, and turned him into his loyal pet. At some point, Kravinoff starts receiving packages from an anonymous sender from America who sends him photos of Spider-Man. Impressed with costume hero's agility and dexterity, Kravinoff decides to hunt him down.

Kravinoff moves to America and starts tracking his prey. Donning a lion-themed attire, Kravinoff goes after Spider-Man with a range of hunting weapons, including arrows, daggers, knifes, bolos, blow darts, and a spear. However, Spider-Man manages to repel and evade every of his attacks. Kravinoff is shamefully defeated. Now, he's a bounty hunter (since he loves the thrill of the chase). 

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